Selling a Home

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kelley-kristin-premier-realty-homeWelcome sellers and those considering it!  You may have heard pricing can be one of the most critical elements of this process. I prefer to get it accurate the first time, so you don’t spend countless days on the market overpriced or lose out on profit due to you by under-pricing.  After a few turbulent years, the housing market is finally beginning to rebound according to recent reports. This is why pricing should be closely monitored and is more important than ever. For a seasoned professional, a market analysis is a very calculated study. Save yourself the pain of guessing, I am happy to do this for you at no expense. Please feel free to contact us to request your home value at

Selling Tips


  • Organize and declutter!
  • Make your home easily accessible.
  • Provide a little curb appeal.
  • Tidy up and pass the white glove test.
  • Make those last minute repairs.